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Diamond Engagement Rings – one’s eternal LOVE!

Since decades, diamonds have always been considered to be a woman’s best friend. No other ornament can come close to the glamour that a diamond exudes. One can go speechless, to praise the worth of a diamond in one’s life. Elegant, mesmerizing, attractive and unique – these words are inadequate to describe the beauty of a diamond. Any woman, who owns a diamond, considers herself, the queen of the world !The charm of a diamond is something which is out of this world. A single raw diamond can enhance the beauty of a woman by leaps and bounds.

Some facts related to diamond rings : When it comes to engagements, all the thoughts and attention goes towards the couple and especially towards their Diamond engagement rings. Believe it or not, this has become a worldwide symbol of an engagement. Read More Facts

Diamonds are expensive (bitter truth), but it is worth the money and the savings. Owning a diamond is every woman’s dream. Not only Women, even Men own diamonds too and they love it. Diamond rings stand out in every occasion. They make heads turn. As per research polls, women prefer diamonds anytime compared to the other jewellery.

Why to choose Dubai Wholesale Diamonds?

  • Advanced range of shiny diamonds
  • More than 1,000,000 certified diamonds
  • Beautiful diamond jewelry made from superior equipment
  • Intelligibility and accuracy in work

So we can say that, Diamonds not only satisfy and pamper buyers, they also do the same for the sellers as well!

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Planning To Propose Your Love With Diamond Ring?

Whether you are planning an intimate proposal or a public proclamation of your love, presenting your would be wife with the perfect diamond engagement ring will enhance the joy of the moment. She’s sure to remember your proposal forever, and will treasure her carefully chosen engagement ring as a symbol of your eternal love. While it’s uncommon for a couple to shop together for an engagement ring, some grooms still prefer to surprise the to-be-bride with a ring of their choosing. After choosing from yourself, may be you can ask for a second opinion from one of the close friend of your would be wife.

In regard to diamonds, cut and shape are not synonymous terms. While the diamond’s cut refers to the number of facets and their proportions, its shape is used to describe the overall form of the finished stone. Some common shapes of the diamonds, diamond engagement rings have are round diamonds, princess cut diamond, oval diamond, marquise diamond, pear shaped diamond, cushion shaped diamond, emerald cut diamond, heart shaped diamond and radiant cut diamond.

Nuggets of wisdom while purchasing your diamond engagement ring:

  • Obtain a gemological appraisal that confirms the ring’s value for insurance purposes.
  • Get a certificate from an impendent diamond grading facility.
  • Verify that the jeweler offers money back guarantee and a hassle-free return policy.
  • It’s important to get insurance to protect your diamond in the event that it is lost or stolen.
  • Prefer wholesale diamond engagement rings dealer to get the beat price.

Diamond rings stand out in every occasion. They make heads turn. As per research polls, women prefer to buy wholesale diamonds anytime compared to the other jewellery. Women have a special attachment, or maybe we could even call it an obsession towards diamonds. It does have the magnetic effect towards people.

DWD (Dubai Wholesale Diamonds) have Selection of 1,200,000+ GIA CERTIFIED DIAMONDS Priced Lowest Globally.

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Top Celebrities With Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings

Black Diamond Ring


Victoria Beckham

It was 4 July 1999 when Victoria and David exchanged diamond rings. Victoria Beckham is definitely leading the posh life as till now David has gifted around 13 diamond engagement rings to Victoria with an estimated cost of $6.5 million. For women engagement rings are reminder of everlasting but for Victoria it’s a fashion statement. The most expensive diamond engagement ring which Victoria owns is a £1million huge heart shaped diamond ring.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie got engaged with Brad Pitt in 2012 and got $250,000 engagement ring which took Brad Pitt along with jeweller Robert Procop one year to design. Brad Pitt’s stunning choice of engagement ring perfectly reflects his love and commitment for Angelina. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married to each other in 2014 and their diamond wedding rings were in the making for two years from the engagement.

Nicole Kidman

Kidman’s engagement ring from Australian star Keith Urban is not one solitaire stone, but rather a Cartier ring of diamonds surrounding her finger with an estimated cost of around $50,000.

Kim Kardashian

For her third marriage, to rapper Kanye West, Kardashian accepted a more than 15-carat diamond ring with an estimated cost of around $1.6 million.

Desire of having such elegant diamond wedding rings is not very hard. Dubai Wholesale Diamonds is the premium agency in Dubai / Uk / Ireland dealing in diamond engagement/wedding rings, earrings and several other diamond jewellery at wholesale price.

Diamonds are rocks… but they don’t have to hurt.


Diamonds were once associated with the queen’s crown. Only royalty could afford them and adorn themselves with these much coveted rocks. The case is such no more. Diamonds are now a must in the proposal process. They symbolise ownership and commitment, having said so they still are a bit of a mystery. The lack of exposure for many men, wanting to purchase a ring for their better half, scares them from venturing in the direction of jewellery shopping. For those who don’t want to break their back or pocket over an engagement ring, need not fret, good news is that diamond engagement rings are still very much within your reach.

Firstly, set a budget. Know what you can spend and then shop around in that frame to make things less stressful. We all like the really big rock, but not all of us can afford it.

Secondly, get creative. Diamonds can be set in many ways to make the ring as desirable as you want it to be. Think of using different stones as options for your centre stone. Whoever said you cannot wear an emerald or a sapphire as your engagement ring.Play with colours, neutrals are obviously better. A pink or yellow centre stone is quickly becoming a trend in engagement rings.

Lastly, buy from a trusted source offering competitive prices. Retailers have overheads, that you pay for. Online jewellers can offer more competitive prices due to the flexibility of their business model.

So gentlemen, go out there fearlessly and do the deed with confidence so that your better half is not disappointed when you pop the question.


Jewellery is a perfect way to take your look from day to night. No longer is diamond jewellery considered “occasion wear” you can put on your earrings, chains, pendants bangles rings everyday to accessories and look a little more “finished”.

Women in their forties often already have a few pieces of diamond jewellery in their jewellery box and you don’t want to always wear statement pieces opting for a more classic and elegant look, yet you need your daily dose of diamonds, you need 4 essential pieces to begin with: 


 1. Earrings: Whether you like studs or hoops or dangling earrings, ones ears must always have a little sparkle. It refines and defines your face and dresses up your hair.

2. Rings: If you’re not married and don’t already have the wedding ring and band, you can always get yourself some classic diamond rings to begin with and add to your collection from there. That manicure looks so much better with rings on your fingers.

3. Bracelets: Whether you’re a bracelet or bangle girl thats upto you, wear it with your watch or on its own, the wrists need some tending to as well.

4. Pendants and Chains: Nothing nicer than a pendant peeping out of your shirt, couple it with a few more or wear a single piece is again upto how much or how little you want to wear on are in the mood to.


You’re good to go, plus if after along day you have a dinner or PTA or cocktails to attend, you are still on the ball.

Diamond jewellery is something that can be repeated day in and day out, infact that adds to its preciousness, it creates a story with it as it goes along with you on a day to day basis, ready to be passed on. Plus the elegance and timelessness of these sparklers remain unmatched,the mindset of only taking out your gems on special occasions is more or less obsolete, we now want to wear these everyday. So don’t forget to sparkle every day. 🙂


A Modern Glimpse at Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewelry is an enduring product and one that, historically, has tended to retain its original value and to increase in value over time. Interestingly, diamond jewelry reveals society in as many facets as it does light. The many new designs make this investment not only one people are taking up for financial reasons, but because it also entails purchasing a product that will likely last a lifetime and never lose its luster. Beside this, diamond jewelry is also categorized by both elegance and trendiness. The glitter, fire, and sparkle of a diamonds are the ideal analogy for something rare and gorgeous that lacks a perfect analogy. Stars twinkle like diamonds, but so do the eyes of a lover, or the smile of a child, or the sunlight reflecting on a choppy sea.

In the past, and in the present, jewelry is often counted as among any individual’s personal wealth and for good reason. Diamond jewelry also has very specific traits that will likely make it very easy to place in time in the future. Platinum being used as a metal choice for diamond rings is a very popular trend at present. Smaller diamonds with more sophisticated cuts are also very popular.

Moreover, the tradition in marriage jewelry was once a diamond ring for engagement chased by a simple golden band for marriage. This is changing. Women’s are choosing to wear their engagement ring along with their wedding band. Occasionally, the rings can be made complimentary to one another to enhance the effect. It’s a sagacious decision since something as dazzling as a diamond deserves to be seen!

While planning a wedding, the most vital choice that will remain forever with the bride and groom are the diamond rings that they choose to present their commitment to one another. Preparing for a wedding sometimes requires a lot of running from here to there, but when it comes time to choose the ring that will signify the love between bride and groom, haste should be of no importance. As, this is an exciting time in your life, Dubai Diamond are here to help make sure you have all the information you need to find the perfect engagement ring you’ll love for a lifetime.

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Diamonds: A Shining Stone for A Shining Diva

A wedding is a based on tradition and so is diamond wedding jewelry. No shopping prior to a wedding would be complete without the purchase of diamond jewelry. Diamonds take a woman’s breath away, not sometimes, but always. Women are fascinated by diamonds and this fascination can never fade away. Those who don’t own a diamond, daydream about one, while those who already own a few won’t hesitate to express a healthy greed for even a modest collection. So take time to choose the appropriate diamond to make your wedding a perfect one.

Couple Bands Diamond Ring

couple diamond wedding ring

Perfect diamond jewelry is an exhilarating and unique experience that makes an incredible impression. A diamond is an iconic symbol of loyalty, commitment and everlasting love. Glittering in its minimalism and striking beauty, a solitaire wedding ring on the left hand leaves no doubt that the wearer is proudly planning her life partner to be the love of her life. They are perfect for women who appreciate a modest, classic style but still want to make a bold statement.

With the plethora of gorgeous choices available, picking the perfect wedding jewelry may seem like an overwhelming task. You are not just purchasing another diamond, in-fact you are going to get gratification in an asset as well as a memorabilia of lifetime with your would be life partner.

What types of diamond jewelry can be purchased in Dubai Wholesale Diamonds?


The most popular type of diamond jewelry is diamond rings. Rings that feature a diamond in the middle can produce a very eye-catching piece of jewelry. This is only one type of ring design and there are many more that produce a striking look.

Furthermore, a  is also a great choice for men who aren’t quite sure what style of wedding ring to buy. Women can choose later to pair their solitaire engagement ring with a wedding ring or diamond wedding band for more dazzle or personality, taking the pressure off their fiancés to select a distinctive style.


Another popular choice is diamond earrings. These diamond earrings have an elegant and sophisticated look due to their delicacy. A light coloured setting of gold with diamonds embedded in it, is one of the best settings to go with because of the piercing look that diamonds give them. They have a very unique and stunning look and after a little research online, you can easily find a pair for a reasonable price.


Diamond necklaces is an additional modish collection. They come in a large variety of styles, but a few of the popular choices are round brilliant diamonds or heart shaped diamonds in the middle or around the edges, in a white gold chain.

If you want to purchase a piece of jewelry that stands out from the others, you can think about buying diamond rings, earrings or necklaces. They in no doubt garner attention of anyone who notices them.

As with any significant purchase, it is important that you make an educated decision. Cut and crafted with utmost care, Dubai Wholesale Diamonds (Diamond Infinity DMCC) come with a 5 C’diamond buying authenticity that states the carat, colour, clarity, cut grade and certification of the stone, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Also, Dubai Wholesale Diamonds brings to you a more superior, more voluminous array of dazzling rocks.

How you can drastically reduce the cost of your diamond purchase if on a budget?

How you can drastically reduce the cost of your diamond purchase if on a budget?


To the professional diamond merchant the underlying paramount principle is to offer clients the very best deal possible.

This emanates from vast experience in the field of diamonds subsequently viewing and grading diamonds almost on a daily basis equips the diamondteer with enough knowledge and confidence to propose just the right diamond.

Clients typically purchase and wear these dazzling rocks and feel happy about their acquisition and possibly pass it to their next of kin or as tradition has it they are ultimately passed down to younger generations. Whereas the role of a professional diamond grader or merchant is one of essence. The essence to contribute something of value at an unbeatable price.

The advice to clients should be unbiased and clear – based on facts.

A few of these facts are the topic of this discussion but it will not be possible to go into great detail in terms of technicalities to keep it short and simple.

Size: Firstly a diamond appears on average 30% larger to the naked eye once mounted on the “right ring” which helps in expanding the face of the diamond so to speak i.e the top part of the diamond to the observer. An experienced technical team can advise which is the most suitable ring design. Thus if a client is seeking to purchase a 2 carat diamond it is sometimes advisable depending on the budget of the client to purchase a 1.60 -1.70 carat diamond as that will appear to the observer as a 2 carat diamond – keeping in mind again if it is mounted on a suitable ring design.


Colour: Secondly – once a diamond is mounted on a ring the metal of the ring will undoubtedly reflect within the diamond due to the reflective nature of the facets of any particular diamond. This can be taken advantage of by the client. Example: a 2 carat diamond G color or an I color diamond will appear almost the same once it is mounted on a ring. Realistically the price difference between a G color and an I color is quite a bit. Hard earned money saved saved again by the purchaser.


Clarity: Thirdly the point about Clarity. Not many people are aware about this particular fact and this is the “real money saver”. Mostly clients interested in purchasing request for a VVS or a VS clarity diamond. Those who can afford are welcome to buy. Unless one use’s a jeweller’s loupe which comes with a 10x magnification it is difficult to pinpoint where the inclusions are located. Definitely not with the naked eye – guaranteed.

The twist comes when diamond professionals use their experience, expertise and a willingness to go the extra length to source (not with ease as possibly 50+ diamonds or more need to be inspected on some occasions) a diamond with a SI2 clarity that is eye clean and looks similar to a VS diamond. This really has an impact on price in terms of lowering it and the diamond is eye clean.



If one were to follow the above 3 steps with the help of a trusted professional diamond merchant with years of experience – one can seriously reduce the cost of the diamond of choice and yet have money left over for other expenditures…..

For further clarification of the 3rd point (Clarity) I have listed below for the benefit of our readers – the prices of different carat weights (1 carat & 2 carat) in G color with different clarities so that one can practically see and understand fully the impact of the price differences – which were discussed above.

The prices below have not been taken from our website BUT an online retailers website based in the US to give an unbiased perspective.

These are current prices as of today:

  • RD 1.01 Ct Very Good G VVS1: $7,620
  • RD 1.00 Ct Very Good G VS1: $6,535
  • RD 1.01 Ct Very Good G SI2: $4,540 (savings of over $3,000)
  • RD 2.00 Ct Very Good G VVS1: $25,477
  • RD 2.00 Ct Very Good G VS1: $23,110
  • RD 2.00 Ct Very Good G SI2 : $15,895 (savings of almost $10,000)

The proof is in the pudding so to speak and readers should really start to evaluate what they have been told by jewellers in the past and weigh “in their heads” – what they have just learnt.

Other articles written by the author which have been published in The National – a leading daily publication in the UAE which comprises of staff from widely respected publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Daily Telegraph.

If you are interested in searching for diamonds and or jewellery or know more about our establishment please click on the following link and you will have access to a new world of dazzling rocks – complete with 1,400,000+ certified diamonds at wholesale prices:


Online Jewellers vs Retail Jewellers

Online Jewellers vs Retail Jewellers


The BIG question mark ?

So how do I start on a topic that makes simple & yet complete logic to people in the industry.

Sitting in my office observing our diamond grading team hard at work inspecting & professionally grading diamonds for a client who has placed an order for 3 dozen diamond bangles that we will manufacture & ship in 3 weeks. These same clients will then retail the very same diamond bangles in their local country at exorbitant prices from their fancy & glittering retail outlets – 5 branches currently.

I gaze towards the large span of Dubai with the main artery (Sheikh Zayed Road) helping people cross Dubai from one end to the other from Jebel Ali all the way to the outskirts of Sharjah past Dubai International Airport. A state of the art airport which today I believe caters to 50 million+ travellers as Emirates has become one of the foremost ranked airlines in the world. I think & try to visualize the number of tourists that arrive daily in the expectations of experiencing Dubai known for its sun & sand, the biggest and the best shopping malls amongst various other sightseeing places and mostly always returning back home with happy & good memories and lets not forget – yes a piece of jewellery be it a diamond solitaire, diamond earrings or whatever they fancy. Makes sense right ?


And why not Dubai prices are the best in the world. Due to zero duty on diamond imports & no taxes Dubai is fast reaching the epitomic position of becoming the best place to purchase diamonds and jewellery globally.The world is changing and changing fast. Maybe its due to the fact that the internet has become such an integral part of our lives that if it is switched off we will probably find ourselves quite lost. Dependancy is growing and growing fast – be it via mobile/smart phones, iPads, Tablets, laptops, etc – the list goes on and on. The funny thing is so are market trends.

I read this article by chance last night where it states branded jewellers are looking at internet sales much more seriously than in the past as online sales for diamonds & jewelry has catapulted to new heights in recent years. And it hit me in the face. This is what we are exactly doing and this is our vision – with the exception of retail premises as we are diamond merchants & jewelry manufacturers basically in “Wholesale”.

If you have read my other blogs or my LinkedIn profile I was fortunate enough to experience both – the retail and wholesale aspects of the diamond & jewelry business for quite a few years in the Gold Souk in Dubai. Being well travelled and exposed to different markets & cultures on almost a monthly basis (if not weekly) I understood quite clearly that customer trends for purchasing diamonds & jewellery is definitely and unquestionably changing. When branded jewellers are focusing today on an online presence there must be something to it. Logical – right ?

Safe to say I agree a 100% – with the article.

Here’s why: Logically a retailer will spend excessive amounts of capital on securing the right location which quite often leads to a large outlay of cash upfront (referred to as Key-Money), refurbishing the store to very high standards (trying to outdo the neighboring stores or competition) complete with the latest security camera systems, correct diamond lighting to enable the jewelry to sparkle when clients walk in through their doors, visually pleasing jewellery laid out in the best glass cabinets secure enough to avoid any mishaps. But it doesn’t stop there.

Stocking the retail premises with the correct diamond solitaires stock and dazzling jewellery pieces is the most expensive investment. This figure can go from USD $1,000,000 to on average of $3,000,000+ and these figures are on the conservative side. Realistically stock costs more. And still you have to hire at least 2 shifts of staff as retailers are open from 10 am to almost midnight in Dubai. An average of 8-10 employee staff at the very least if not more. Due to cost management most of the staff is under qualified and not certified to sell and they have only 1 objective – to make the sale !


Add on top of that rents, insurance, bank financing, marketing budget, employee salaries, etc. God forbid if a particular jeweler has more than 1 location as then expenses for each location accrue and daily management issues multiply. The list goes on and on but I think you get the picture.




And then the alternative – diamond merchants and online jewellers like us who create excellent rapport with 250+ established diamond manufacturers who buy directly from the diamond mines, cut and polish these very same diamonds in their very own diamond factories and then give us access to their stock so we can sell to our clients directly by adding a nominal margin as WE CAN – due to the absence of hefty expenses as described in the above paragraph. This is where our online platform springs into action:


Plus we have a very strict rule that favors our clients to their benefit – we don’t take any credit and thus pay our manufacturers “cash on confirmation” as this leads to much better & very competitive pricing as opposed to buying on credit – as is the common practise in the “retail arena.


We focus more on hiring professional & knowledgeable where possible GIA certified gemologists who are dedicated & experienced in the field and who can add value & actually assist clients by imparting relevant information not sales gibberish to make a sale.


Focus is on working almost 24/7 so that any & every client who approach us get prompt answers to their queries as we are dealing with different time zones – globally. Much to our satisfaction clients are increasing as they know what they want and if they don’t we are there to help them – every step of the way.


That actually puts a smile on my face as I have been told on numerous occasions by the wise old man sometimes saying it “loud” makes one understand it better. And believe me “our clients” have understood too and stand by us based on a common underlying theme: Why Pay Retail when you can buy Wholesale ?

Till next time !


Other articles written by the author which have been published in The National – a leading daily publication in the UAE which comprises of staff from widely respected publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Daily Telegraph.


If you are interested in searching for diamonds and or jewellery or know more about our establishment please click on the following link and you will have access to a new world of dazzling rocks – complete with 1,400,000+ certified diamonds at wholesale prices: