Dubai Wholesale Diamonds invests in high quality, certified diamonds on behalf of its clients. It is a commodity investment with high returns along with the best way to enjoy hard assets.

For this purpose we have set up a separate diamond trading company in Hong Kong by the name of Diamond Investments (HK) Ltd. All financial transactions will be based out of our Hong Kong office. The Far East or rather Hong Kong in particular offers a vast variety of different dimensions to the diamond industry and we are set up to take advantage of this synergy alongside our Dubai operations.

All transactions will be in USD ($).

If you have any queries, contact us at and our dedicated sales team will fill you in with all the details.

Rough diamonds being collected

Rough Diamonds being collected

Diamond mine excavation

Diamond mine excavation

Rough diamond

Rough Diamonds

businessman standing in office and looking on chart

Diamond prices increasing and an excellent time to invest

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