How you can drastically reduce the cost of your diamond purchase if on a budget?


To the professional diamond merchant the underlying paramount principle is to offer clients the very best deal possible.

This emanates from vast experience in the field of diamonds subsequently viewing and grading diamonds almost on a daily basis equips the diamondteer with enough knowledge and confidence to propose just the right diamond.

Clients typically purchase and wear these dazzling rocks and feel happy about their acquisition and possibly pass it to their next of kin or as tradition has it they are ultimately passed down to younger generations. Whereas the role of a professional diamond grader or merchant is one of essence. The essence to contribute something of value at an unbeatable price.

The advice to clients should be unbiased and clear – based on facts.

A few of these facts are the topic of this discussion but it will not be possible to go into great detail in terms of technicalities to keep it short and simple.

Size: Firstly a diamond appears on average 30% larger to the naked eye once mounted on the “right ring” which helps in expanding the face of the diamond so to speak i.e the top part of the diamond to the observer. An experienced technical team can advise which is the most suitable ring design. Thus if a client is seeking to purchase a 2 carat diamond it is sometimes advisable depending on the budget of the client to purchase a 1.60 -1.70 carat diamond as that will appear to the observer as a 2 carat diamond – keeping in mind again if it is mounted on a suitable ring design.


Colour: Secondly – once a diamond is mounted on a ring the metal of the ring will undoubtedly reflect within the diamond due to the reflective nature of the facets of any particular diamond. This can be taken advantage of by the client. Example: a 2 carat diamond G color or an I color diamond will appear almost the same once it is mounted on a ring. Realistically the price difference between a G color and an I color is quite a bit. Hard earned money saved saved again by the purchaser.


Clarity: Thirdly the point about Clarity. Not many people are aware about this particular fact and this is the “real money saver”. Mostly clients interested in purchasing request for a VVS or a VS clarity diamond. Those who can afford are welcome to buy. Unless one use’s a jeweller’s loupe which comes with a 10x magnification it is difficult to pinpoint where the inclusions are located. Definitely not with the naked eye – guaranteed.

The twist comes when diamond professionals use their experience, expertise and a willingness to go the extra length to source (not with ease as possibly 50+ diamonds or more need to be inspected on some occasions) a diamond with a SI2 clarity that is eye clean and looks similar to a VS diamond. This really has an impact on price in terms of lowering it and the diamond is eye clean.



If one were to follow the above 3 steps with the help of a trusted professional diamond merchant with years of experience – one can seriously reduce the cost of the diamond of choice and yet have money left over for other expenditures…..

For further clarification of the 3rd point (Clarity) I have listed below for the benefit of our readers – the prices of different carat weights (1 carat & 2 carat) in G color with different clarities so that one can practically see and understand fully the impact of the price differences – which were discussed above.

The prices below have not been taken from our website BUT an online retailers website based in the US to give an unbiased perspective.

These are current prices as of today:

  • RD 1.01 Ct Very Good G VVS1: $7,620
  • RD 1.00 Ct Very Good G VS1: $6,535
  • RD 1.01 Ct Very Good G SI2: $4,540 (savings of over $3,000)
  • RD 2.00 Ct Very Good G VVS1: $25,477
  • RD 2.00 Ct Very Good G VS1: $23,110
  • RD 2.00 Ct Very Good G SI2 : $15,895 (savings of almost $10,000)

The proof is in the pudding so to speak and readers should really start to evaluate what they have been told by jewellers in the past and weigh “in their heads” – what they have just learnt.

Other articles written by the author which have been published in The National – a leading daily publication in the UAE which comprises of staff from widely respected publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Daily Telegraph.

If you are interested in searching for diamonds and or jewellery or know more about our establishment please click on the following link and you will have access to a new world of dazzling rocks – complete with 1,400,000+ certified diamonds at wholesale prices:


47 thoughts on “How you can drastically reduce the cost of your diamond purchase if on a budget?

  1. F*ckin’ remarkable issues here. I’m very happy to look your article. Thank you so much and i’m looking ahead to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

    1. Hi Antonio – thanks for your rather frank comments 🙂

      We thank you for seeing the essence of our blog message as alot of clients in the process of buying diamonds are not aware of these factors.

      Our job and passion is to make clients aware of these little techniques so that they can and will save their money and at the same time also make an informed decision. In the example given above one can easily see that it is very possible to save their funds !

      Other jewelers do not inform any of their clients the same but we have a duty to vocalize these methods and to make people aware that it is quite possible. Let our GIA gemologists do all the work and we will assist any of our clients to achieve the same.

      You can email our team for any diamonds that you might be interested in on:

  2. I just want to mention I am newbie to blogging and actually enjoyed this web-site. More than likely I’m planning to bookmark your site . You amazingly have remarkable posts. With thanks for revealing your webpage.

    1. Hi and thank you for your comments – Appreciated !

      Our main aim is transparency and topics that other jewelers do not focus on.
      Why ? Because why reduce their profit margins.

      We are professional diamondtaires and manufacturers. Trusted members of the Dubai Diamond Exchange and also the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

      We like to rock the boat so to speak and offer our readers, clients, consumers invaluable advice and insights that are not being featured on any other website.

      The reason and aim is simple and that is to Educate Our Clients. This will enhance our reputation and our client base and we believe in Karma. We do good and “Good” will happen to us.

      Simple philosophy of life 🙂

  3. Are you telling us that your gemologists can search for diamonds in the color I want but instead of purchasing a VVS or VS clarity, people like me can actually purchase SI2 clarity diamonds and the diamond will still look the same to a VVS or VS clarity diamond to the naked eye.

    If this is true and if I understand correctly this can save my husband quite a bit if money. As we are thinking of buying in the next few weeks.

    I have just given my details to your Live Chat service and also the details of the 3.5 carat diamond we are searching for.

    Please please do get back to me on my email address with the best options that your gemologists can come up with. Thank you in advance !

    1. Hi Sara – yes we do just that !

      We try and save our clients thousands of $$$ as in our opinion why pay more than you have to.

      Our GIA gemologists with over 20 years of experience do all the work, inspect over 40-50 diamonds on your behalf to arrive at the best conclusion and then will inform you.

      Our clients have saved thousands and so can you.

  4. Hi everyone !

    Just read the article on top. I am gobsmacked that there is actually a way to beat the system by letting gemologists locate people like myself SI2 clarity diamonds that are eye clean.

    Definitely not an easy task for people like me to accomplish.

    Looking for a 4 carat diamond I-J color. Need to buy in the coming few days as have done all my homework on VS and VVS pricing. How do I contact your sales staff ? If this is successful I will refer you guys for sure. Count on that !!!

    1. Hi Ryan – thanks for reading the article, drafted by our MD.

      Yes it is very possible. Please do contact our sales team on: who are there almost 24/7 to answer any questions and also to locate the best diamonds for any our clients in SI2 clarity diamonds.

      Please refer to us as the THE DIAMOND CLARITY SPECIALISTS 🙂

      Looking forward to receiving your enquiry Ryan ! Cheers

  5. Thanks so much…..

    Your team has just saved me almost $11,000 on my 4 carat diamond purchase. I only contacted you yesterday and in 2 hours I got 7 suitable options. I have picked the diamond I want from the selection and just confirmed it.

    Seriously I am in shock but after having gone through all the details with the GIA gemologist who was really helpful and accommodating I am quite happy and VERY PLEASED…..

    Have already told my fiancee to refer all her network of family, friends and colleagues to you guys and so will I .. Thank you !!!

    1. Cheers Ryan – yes just got the update from our sales team that you have purchased within 24 hours. Good to know !

      Yes please do spread the word around as this is how we have grown. “Word of mouth” advertisement is what has actually helped us and made us stronger in the past 30+ years.

      All our jewellery comes with a “Lifetime Warranty” as we see you have also selected very nice diamond rings along with your diamond purchase

      Once the rings are ready we will contact you ….Thank you for your custom !

  6. What a brilliant article. Loved the fact that you are willing to share this information which shows how sincere you are towards not only your existing clients but your future clients as well.

    1. Thank you Fiona – Transparency is key an done of our underlying principles. Do you know how many people buy from us and never even call us as 95% of our communication is done over email. How the world has changed it sometimes dazzles us 🙂

  7. Thank you for this information. Has really helped me a lot. I was on the looked out for a diamond pendant and was being told that I would need to spend a lot more than I was willing or able to spend. Now thanks to you I not only saved money but you all did an amazing job finding the right diamond as well as designing the whole pendant. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks Logan for buying and then commenting.

      Happy to hear that you are satisfied with your diamond pendant. This is why we work so hard and focus on client satisfaction.

      Reputation means a lot to us and we strive to do our best. I believe our gemologists searched our entire database of 1.4 million diamonds and got the perfect diamond for you. That takes time and perseverance but we definitely get the job done 🙂

  8. Hi. This blog was shared with me the other day and just wanted to say how thoughtful of you all to write an article on how to save money. I have yet to come across a brand or company that has shared such information with the public.

    1. Appreciated Anne,

      Our ideology is to bring awareness to people as 99% of the jewellers do not.

      Consumers are not aware of the “inside” knowledge and processes and are steered towards buying high value diamonds. If on a tight budget there are also other ways to purchase the look of a solitaire diamond such as cluster settings where smaller diamonds placed together on a ring give the impression of a solitaire diamond…

      Our gemologists have all the experience and info available to assist any or all of our clients. Think of us as a One Stop shop for all your diamond and jewelry needs at extremely affordable prices.

      We regularly manufacture for quite a few UK, Irish, Danish and Australian jewellers all year round so quality is not an issue.

    2. Thank you Anne for your comments…

      Please do read all the other comments by our readers and you will understand what Dubai Wholesale Diamonds is all about.

      We hope to bring about a revolution in the way people currently think of purchasing diamond sand jewelry. There is so much information and experience that Dubai Wholesale Diamonds has acquired in the past 30+ years that we can easily pass this information to all our clients so they can understand how to purchase basing their decisions on an educated platform.

  9. Wow. Ive been on the look out for an affordable engagement ring but my budget was really (so I thought) restricting my options. After reading this ill be sending an email with reference to my requirements. Looking forward.

    1. Thank James….

      We are really happy to note that quite a few comments are being received and people are actually benefiting for our articles.

      All you need to do is to email us on: sales@dubaiwholesale

  10. Very informative. I live in England and the cost of buying a very simple pair of diamond earrings is astronomical. Now that I know how I can save in certain areas when looking for a diamond stone, I’m going to explore more options and will be getting in touch soon.

    1. Hi Francis,

      The 3 of our best markets are: Ireland, UK and Australia.

      We receive more than 70+ enquiries daily. The result after all this handwork is that Dubai Wholesale Diamonds has happy and content clients who are more than willing to refer us to their network of family , friends and work colleagues. Something we are very proud of and this helps us to do better in the future.

      Please do get in touch. Our sales team awaits 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing this. I agree with Francis above, even where I live it’s very expensive and many times I have ended up not buying something due to the fact that my budget did not allow it.

    1. Hi Jacob,

      Yes Francis is quite correct.

      This is why Dubai Wholesale Diamonds exists and happily assists clients all across the globe.

      You can easily purchase from the comfort of your home, office or while on vacation knowing that you are getting the best possible deal and your diamonds and jewelry will arrive at your doorstep fully insured and safe.

  12. Appreciate the honesty here. It’s eye opening, really it is. I can’t believe i JUST bought a bracelet, it’s killing me knowing I could have saved so much money

    1. Hi Lara,

      Well maybe next time. Now you have a steadfast portal to use the next time you are in the market.

      Pleas put our GIA gemologists, sales staff and 80+ trained technicians to use. They are ready to assist and have a world of knowledge.

      This is what we do almost 24/7 and 365 days per year 🙂

  13. Hi. Eye opening information and mind boggling as well. Could never have imagined how i could have saved so much money on the ring that i bought for my fiancee. Wish i had known earlier.

  14. Read this just in time. Have been planning on buying my first piece of jewelry from my own money and was hesitant was I thought I would need a huge budget.

    1. Hi Zack,

      We can’t tell you how many clients of Dubai Wholesale Diamonds have spent hours and hours on the internet searching for the best prices and a reputable online company to deal with.

      When we asked over 50 clients why they bought from Dubai Wholesale Diamonds and to name 3 factors that made a difference to them… this is what we found:

      1. Excellent & prompt email communication by our sales staff
      2. Unbeatable prices
      3. If budget was an issue the flexibility in prices witnessed by them

      So please do try us out 🙂

  15. Love this! Thank you ever so much for all this information! i know nothing about buying diamonds and now I know who to get in touch with.

    1. Thanks Emily. You will find Dubai Wholesale Diamonds a One Stop shop for all your jewelry and diamond needs. Our reputation has grown mainly via word of mouth and most of our clients are placed all over the world.

      Our sales staff & gemologists do not earn any commissions on any successful sales and are there only to assist any of our clients on an unbiased manner and pass over important and crucial information that is helpful to our clients.

      This information is seldom passed onto clients but Dubai Wholesale Diamonds believes that once interested consumers understand the process better and clearly, they automatically become long standing clients. And yes they do refer their own network back to us.

      This vision has helped our exponential growth and daily we also answer questions also on and for the global community….

  16. A diamond appears 30% bigger to the naked eye once mounted ? You mean to say that the cost of a diamond can easily be reduced by adjusting the size and having the same impact/look once set? Thats amazing.

    1. Yes Eilene,

      Dubai Wholesale Diamonds divulges all this information for a reason. Most consumers are unaware of these small facts but these very small variables play a big role in reducing the cost on each purchase.

      Our existence today is due to our transparency and willingness to be open with all our clients.

  17. When it comes to buying diamonds, I’m quite clueless. Didn’t even know that there is a significant difference in price between a G color and an I colour. Thanks for this info.

    1. Dubai Wholesale Diamonds has a team of certified gemologists and helpful sales personnel that can assist you every step pf the way in helping you to choose the perfect wedding diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and or diamond necklaces.

      All you need to is is to contact us and we simply do the rest 🙂

  18. If I give a member of your team the carat size that I require, they will be able to find something for me that will save me money? As in a diamond that will have the same impact as 2 carat (which will not actually be 2 carats but under)? Thought i’d clarify.

    1. Yes of course…

      Dubai wholesale Diamonds exists due to this fact. We do all the hard work and our clients get the max benefit out of our research and findings.

  19. Clarity can be compromised, unless one views its through a loupe? Perhaps compromised is the wrong choice of the word but basically it means that one can save money by reducing the clarity grade?

    1. Yes that is correct Richeal – we do everything in our power to get the possible diamonds that are EYE CLEAN of your clients.

      Do try us out and see for yourself.

    1. Dubai Wholesale Diamonds is fully involved with inspection of physical diamonds and also offers the best value globally to its clients.

      Its the task of our GIA gemologists to locate our clients the best possible deals currently whereby our clients are happy and most of the time surprised that they can really afford the diamond that they wanted…

  20. Thank God for this article and thank you for addressing the ways in which one can save money. Always thought that colour, clarity and carat should not be compromised if you want a fantastic diamond and you had to literally pay the price for it.

    1. Hi Alison…

      Dubai Wholesale Diamonds has always been quite clear as to how to offer value to all its clients. This is the reason we are receiving over 75+ enquiries daily and are selling all over the world.

      The surprising thing is that most of our clients do not even call us but only communicate via email. Reputation matters and Dubai Wholesale Diamonds strives to do even better in the long run.

  21. I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of earrings for my wife as a surprise but have been struggling with my budget and I didn’t want to choose from a restricted number of options, which i was having to resort to. I have already emailed you with the details of what i require, hope you have recieved it.

    1. Thanks Brandon…

      Yes the sales staff has received it and are working on your selection.

      The price you have been offered by the “other” jewellers, Dubai Wholesale Diamonds has managed to cut that price by 40%.

      You will soon be receiving our email with the most current and best options.

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