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Diamond Engagement Rings – one’s eternal LOVE!

Since decades, diamonds have always been considered to be a woman’s best friend. No other ornament can come close to the glamour that a diamond exudes. One can go speechless, to praise the worth of a diamond in one’s life. Elegant, mesmerizing, attractive and unique – these words are inadequate to describe the beauty of a diamond. Any woman, who owns a diamond, considers herself, the queen of the world !The charm of a diamond is something which is out of this world. A single raw diamond can enhance the beauty of a woman by leaps and bounds.

Some facts related to diamond rings : When it comes to engagements, all the thoughts and attention goes towards the couple and especially towards their Diamond engagement rings. Believe it or not, this has become a worldwide symbol of an engagement. Read More Facts

Diamonds are expensive (bitter truth), but it is worth the money and the savings. Owning a diamond is every woman’s dream. Not only Women, even Men own diamonds too and they love it. Diamond rings stand out in every occasion. They make heads turn. As per research polls, women prefer diamonds anytime compared to the other jewellery.

Why to choose Dubai Wholesale Diamonds?

  • Advanced range of shiny diamonds
  • More than 1,000,000 certified diamonds
  • Beautiful diamond jewelry made from superior equipment
  • Intelligibility and accuracy in work

So we can say that, Diamonds not only satisfy and pamper buyers, they also do the same for the sellers as well!

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Planning To Propose Your Love With Diamond Ring?

Whether you are planning an intimate proposal or a public proclamation of your love, presenting your would be wife with the perfect diamond engagement ring will enhance the joy of the moment. She’s sure to remember your proposal forever, and will treasure her carefully chosen engagement ring as a symbol of your eternal love. While it’s uncommon for a couple to shop together for an engagement ring, some grooms still prefer to surprise the to-be-bride with a ring of their choosing. After choosing from yourself, may be you can ask for a second opinion from one of the close friend of your would be wife.

In regard to diamonds, cut and shape are not synonymous terms. While the diamond’s cut refers to the number of facets and their proportions, its shape is used to describe the overall form of the finished stone. Some common shapes of the diamonds, diamond engagement rings have are round diamonds, princess cut diamond, oval diamond, marquise diamond, pear shaped diamond, cushion shaped diamond, emerald cut diamond, heart shaped diamond and radiant cut diamond.

Nuggets of wisdom while purchasing your diamond engagement ring:

  • Obtain a gemological appraisal that confirms the ring’s value for insurance purposes.
  • Get a certificate from an impendent diamond grading facility.
  • Verify that the jeweler offers money back guarantee and a hassle-free return policy.
  • It’s important to get insurance to protect your diamond in the event that it is lost or stolen.
  • Prefer wholesale diamond engagement rings dealer to get the beat price.

Diamond rings stand out in every occasion. They make heads turn. As per research polls, women prefer to buy wholesale diamonds anytime compared to the other jewellery. Women have a special attachment, or maybe we could even call it an obsession towards diamonds. It does have the magnetic effect towards people.

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