Diamonds are rocks… but they don’t have to hurt.


Diamonds were once associated with the queen’s crown. Only royalty could afford them and adorn themselves with these much coveted rocks. The case is such no more. Diamonds are now a must in the proposal process. They symbolise ownership and commitment, having said so they still are a bit of a mystery. The lack of exposure for many men, wanting to purchase a ring for their better half, scares them from venturing in the direction of jewellery shopping. For those who don’t want to break their back or pocket over an engagement ring, need not fret, good news is that diamond engagement rings are still very much within your reach.

Firstly, set a budget. Know what you can spend and then shop around in that frame to make things less stressful. We all like the really big rock, but not all of us can afford it.

Secondly, get creative. Diamonds can be set in many ways to make the ring as desirable as you want it to be. Think of using different stones as options for your centre stone. Whoever said you cannot wear an emerald or a sapphire as your engagement ring.Play with colours, neutrals are obviously better. A pink or yellow centre stone is quickly becoming a trend in engagement rings.

Lastly, buy from a trusted source offering competitive prices. Retailers have overheads, that you pay for. Online jewellers can offer more competitive prices due to the flexibility of their business model.

So gentlemen, go out there fearlessly and do the deed with confidence so that your better half is not disappointed when you pop the question.


Jewellery is a perfect way to take your look from day to night. No longer is diamond jewellery considered “occasion wear” you can put on your earrings, chains, pendants bangles rings everyday to accessories and look a little more “finished”.

Women in their forties often already have a few pieces of diamond jewellery in their jewellery box and you don’t want to always wear statement pieces opting for a more classic and elegant look, yet you need your daily dose of diamonds, you need 4 essential pieces to begin with: 


 1. Earrings: Whether you like studs or hoops or dangling earrings, ones ears must always have a little sparkle. It refines and defines your face and dresses up your hair.

2. Rings: If you’re not married and don’t already have the wedding ring and band, you can always get yourself some classic diamond rings to begin with and add to your collection from there. That manicure looks so much better with rings on your fingers.

3. Bracelets: Whether you’re a bracelet or bangle girl thats upto you, wear it with your watch or on its own, the wrists need some tending to as well.

4. Pendants and Chains: Nothing nicer than a pendant peeping out of your shirt, couple it with a few more or wear a single piece is again upto how much or how little you want to wear on are in the mood to.


You’re good to go, plus if after along day you have a dinner or PTA or cocktails to attend, you are still on the ball.

Diamond jewellery is something that can be repeated day in and day out, infact that adds to its preciousness, it creates a story with it as it goes along with you on a day to day basis, ready to be passed on. Plus the elegance and timelessness of these sparklers remain unmatched,the mindset of only taking out your gems on special occasions is more or less obsolete, we now want to wear these everyday. So don’t forget to sparkle every day. 🙂