Tricia Turton


I am now in receipt of the rings and very pleased with them. thanks for all your assistance. very impressive with the service overall

Alexander Rafalovich

I know that you and your company are making a sacrifice by having us keep the original ring (an exquisite piece of workmanship!!!), while at the same time delivering the second solitaire with the F-color diamond.

I hope that you will allow me to write a testimonial for you, Dinuka, and your company!!!  Also, I will make it a point to spread the word among my fellow Saudi Aramco Employees of the tremendous service, workmanship, and integrity exhibited by your company.

Thank you again!

Linda Zito

Thank you very much as I just received the ring yesterday and it looks lovely

Asad Ghani

Thank you dear dinuka i have received diamonds these are very nice

Maria Aniskina

Good day! I am very happy with the ring that you have done for me. Now I know where to buy diamonds. I have no doubt I can recommend you as a first class professionals in the field of diamonds and jewelry. I hope you will keep a promise and I will received a gift, which you promise me :)

Thank you!

David Wright

I received the ring and am very happy with the work; Heidi was ecstatic as well.

Mr. William Travers

Let me compliment the work of your colleague Mr. Mohamed………….he brought the rings, as promised.  When we later (after he had departed hotel) determined that the diamond ring required a size correction he returned and collected the ring.  Later the same evening he returned, yet again, with the re-sized ring.  Excellent service indeed!

Mrs. Kizito

Thank you Dubai Wholesale Diamonds for advising me and getting me at last the perfect diamond solitaire ring. Not only that after having discussed the excellent customer service with my husband, I will definitely return in the coming days to also purchase our wedding bands. Keep up the great work and prompt email communication which is not really existing in this part of the world and we are actually amazed how your team communicates 24/7 with all your clients and I know there are many is something I will never understand. All I know is that I came to the right place.

Thomas Joshi

A big Thank you to Ashraf, Mohamed & Dinuka and the rest of the very efficient Dubai Wholesale Diamonds & the diamond merchants team. 
My wife (or girlfriend at the time) and I were shopping around as we reside in Norway and were interested in not only a diamond solitaire ring but a bespoke diamond wedding band and also diamond solitaire earrings. We approached many online jewellers from the US to the other end (the Far East). Quite apprehensive at first – ultimately in the end we felt the most comfortable with Ashraf and his team. 
I can say with utter confidence everything they promised was achieved and not only that but we were at the airport in transit for less than 2 hours at around midnight and his team Mohamed & Dinuka (Senior Managers) were at the airport terminal awaiting our arrival. They handed us the items and we were dazzled upon seeing them. Absolutely beautiful I have to admit and superb quality. We looked for any negative comments to make but just could not find anything to pinpoint. I have already alerted our friends and family and May God Bless Dubai Wholesale Diamonds for their sincere efforts and the professionalism they put into their work – which we witnessed they take very very seriously.

Sarah Knight

Adam proposed to me at Pier Chic their restaurant at the Al Qasr hotel in Dubai, with fabulous food and a violinist . 7 stars for this place. The best was Adam had bought my ring from, after extensive research, and they delivered my gorgeous ring to the hotel! Amazing experience with these jewellers aswell, and honestly the price was just better than right! Over all i cannot wait to go back.
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