Black Diamond Ring

Black Diamond Ring


Victoria Beckham

It was 4 July 1999 when Victoria and David exchanged diamond rings. Victoria Beckham is definitely leading the posh life as till now David has gifted around 13 diamond engagement rings to Victoria with an estimated cost of $6.5 million. For women engagement rings are reminder of everlasting but for Victoria it’s a fashion statement. The most expensive diamond engagement ring which Victoria owns is a £1million huge heart shaped diamond ring.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie got engaged with Brad Pitt in 2012 and got $250,000 engagement ring which took Brad Pitt along with jeweller Robert Procop one year to design. Brad Pitt’s stunning choice of engagement ring perfectly reflects his love and commitment for Angelina. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married to each other in 2014 and their diamond wedding rings were in the making for two years from the engagement.

Nicole Kidman

Kidman’s engagement ring from Australian star Keith Urban is not one solitaire stone, but rather a Cartier ring of diamonds surrounding her finger with an estimated cost of around $50,000.

Kim Kardashian

For her third marriage, to rapper Kanye West, Kardashian accepted a more than 15-carat diamond ring with an estimated cost of around $1.6 million.

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