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What Makes Dubai Wholesale Diamonds Unique?

Dubai Wholesale Diamonds was launched to assist our global clients with the purchasing of certified diamonds based on the concept of “Mines to Market” philosophy.

This was synonymous with the vision to cut out the middlemen and offer diamonds directly from the source to the masses. High street jewellers or other globally branded jewellers have in the past added hefty profit margins and made it impossible for the average consumer to buy.

Dubai Wholesale Diamonds has a vision of making diamonds affordable to anyone who in the past thought that diamond or jewellery purchasing was out of their reach. This is the mission!

This means that our clients can today easily purchase engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond rings, wedding bands, diamond necklace or loose diamonds at wholesale prices never seen before. While our main markets are UK, Ireland, US, Dubai and Australian, people all over the world buy our diamonds at a discount as we offer unique designs to our clients that can now afford to gift their loved ones a piece of bespoke jewelry that once was not affordable.

Our Team

Unlike other online jewelers – Dubai Wholesale Diamonds works personally with each client through a team of gemologists that are GIA certified and have long years of experience in the industry. Our sales team work with them tirelessly to not only find the best match for the customer but also educate them in the process.

Our team is quite responsive and most of the inquiries are answered within 24 hours.

Something you can Trust

In our mission to be transparent, Dubai Wholesale Diamonds only sells diamonds that have been certified by the 3 best and most reputable diamond laboratories namely: GIA, IGI and HRD. These certificates are the best in the industry and are traded daily in the diamond trading circles.  There are many more certifications floating in the global market, unaware to the common buyers, but they are solely present to assist the retailer to make hefty profit margins by misleading their clients.  Dubai Wholesale Diamonds does not practice this and neither should any clients purchase diamonds certified by any other diamond laboratory other than the 3 outlined above.

Why Not An E-commerce site?

The reason is very simple:  Clients who generally approach us to purchase engagement rings, wedding rings, diamonds rings and loose diamonds in their quest to buying cheap product on a budget, are drawn towards buying very low-quality diamonds such as Si3 or I1, I2 or I3 clarities; not knowing that these diamonds are visibly flawed and will not appear nice to the human eye containing black spots, black lines, etc.

Once they buy these diamonds they will not be pleased. So our team educates them to the best of their ability and informs them that to be aware before they purchase.

Our Best Selling Items

The products we sell the most are the following:

  • Engagement rings

  • Wedding rings

  • Diamond rings

  • Diamond Wedding Bands

  • Diamond Earrings

  • Diamond Necklace

  • Loose diamonds

90% of our clients approach us for these products. Since we have a technical team of 80 technicians in place with over 20 years of experience we can manufacture bespoke designs and replicate any designs our clients wish. This has been made possible due to the advanced jewelry designing CAD software that our designers use and accommodate all designs imaginable.

Rings, earrings pendants, necklaces are ready to be manufactured on demand at the behest of our clients. This sets us apart from our competitors who are limited to a few products. We are a full fledged jeweler who also supply diamonds and jewelry to 350 retailers based in the Middle East. On a daily basis we are supplying to the retail platform and are fully in touch with current trends.


The Process…

Dubai Wholesale Diamonds buys all its certified diamonds directly from the source. Debeers and the Russian government diamond trading known as Alrosa combined own 80% of the worlds diamond mines. They sell to “Sight holder companies”. These companies have been fully screened and vetted on their liquidity, market share and reputation. Currently there are almost 80 such companies world wide.  Dubai Wholesale Diamonds buys form these sight holder companies directly once the rough diamonds are cut & polished and send for certification to GIA, IGI an HRD diamond certification laboratories.

Once they have all the certification then the stock is shared with Dubai Wholesale Diamonds. We then take this stock and offer it to our valued clients. Basically all our clients get the same benefit of buying direct from the source.

With the largest stock inventory currently globally at the best prices possible  – it is to the advantage of our clients to buy from us.

So check us out the diamonds on our website and find out a great gift idea for weddings, or for a loved one’s anniversary or birthday. Or maybe just indulge in something for your own.